Troubleshooting articles

Read through our collection of troubleshooting guides which will show you the recommended workarounds, solutions and other helpful options to get you up and running with the Git Integration for Jira app.

Avoid OutOfMemory exceptions by configuring or memory allocation with Jira to accommodate large repositoriesShanmarc FloreteNov 09, 2020
SQLException 'Incorrect string value' in merge requestsShanmarc FloreteOct 22, 2020
"Dangerous use of multiple connections" error on local databaseShanmarc FloreteOct 14, 2020
Unexpected exception parsing XML document from URL error in logAdam WrideSep 05, 2020
"Service proxy has been destroyed" exceptions in logShanmarc FloreteApr 25, 2020
Jira index error: IndexNotFoundException: no segments* file foundAdam WrideApr 10, 2020
Pull request index error: org.json.JSONExceptionShanmarc FloreteMar 15, 2020
SSH key file format is invalidAdam WrideNov 06, 2019
Malformed input or input contains unmappable charactersAdam WrideOct 29, 2019
Cannot auto-deploy some tracked repositories: Specified origin is incorrect or not supportedAdam WrideSep 04, 2019
Installation fails when installing manuallyAdam WrideSep 03, 2019
Connection Reset when Accessing the DatabaseAdam WrideAug 08, 2019
Health Check: Database CollationAdam WrideJul 29, 2019
Duplicate entry 0 for key PRIMARY exceptions in logAdam WrideJul 29, 2019
Gitolite integration: Why the Git integration app not see the master branch?Shanmarc FloreteJul 17, 2019
Personal access token failing Azure DevOps integration with Not Authorized errorAdam WrideJul 08, 2019
Repositories missing from Azure DevOps integrationAdam WrideJul 08, 2019
Error while reindexing - Java heap space / Object too large, rejecting the packAdam WrideMay 31, 2019
Problems with shared home on Azure StorageShanmarc FloreteMay 08, 2019
Indexing error - Too many open filesAdam WrideMay 07, 2019