How to get a quote?

You can generate a quote for Git Integration for Jira Server by doing the following steps below.

Primarily, click this Generate quote link to take you directly to the quote page for Jira Server:

  1. The loaded page defaults to Quote mode.

  2. Choose the type of deployment for this quote. In this case, select Server.

  3. Select how the installation will go:

    1. Choose – This allows you to choose the existing license to attach this quote.

    2. Search – This allows you to search for an existing license by SEN and attach this quote to the selected SEN.

    3. Manual – This lets you manually set User Tiers and Maintenance period for this license that suit your organization needs.

  4. Click Add to quote to submit this form.

  5. Follow instructions on the next screen to complete this process.

For more information on licensing, see Licensing Information, Migration and Transition.

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