Git Integration for Jira Cloud - Release Notes

We publish new features, bug fixes, security updates/patches, and Jira compatibility regularly. Below are highlights of the changes.

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Deep Linking to GitKraken

Sep 21, 2021 new feature ALL USERS

With the acquisition of BigBrassBand's Git Integration for Jira app (GIJ) by GitKraken, we have introduced deep linking between GIJ and GitKraken so users can now have a stronger integration between the two. You can now click to open commits, branches, tags and repositories directly in GitKraken from the Jira issue view giving you a seamless transition from your Jira issues to GitKraken.

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You will see the added ability to open the GitKraken client from our app in various locations. See an example of what this looks like below.


Default branch for a repository + project + user

Jun 13, 2021 improvement all users

Now you can configure a Default branch for a repository when creating new branches. When using this feature, you will no longer have to select the branch each time you pick the repository.

You may immediately set the selected branch as default for the current repository when using the create branch dialog.


For more information on this feature, see article Default branch feature.

Webhook indexing integration

May 13, 2021 new feature admins

Webhook indexing integration allows your connected git servers to work behind a firewall but will have limited features which are stated under the Connect the your Git server features comparison table. For detailed information on this new feature, see Git Integration for Jira Cloud: Webhook indexing integration.

User PATs have been moved to a new page

Mar 7, 2021 New feature all users

We've created a new Jira user settings screen to allow individual Jira users to manage their Personal Access Tokens (PATs) for use in creating/deleting branches and pull requests from Jira.


Support for Dark Mode in Jira Cloud Mobile

Jan 25, 2021 New feature all users

Enabled dark mode support for iOS, MacOS and Android for the Jira Cloud mobile apps.

Expand to see more code in diff screens

Nov 23, 2020 New feature all users

Expand to see more of a file when doing quick code reviews in Jira Cloud.

Video (0:09):

Support for iOS, Android, and Mac Apps

Nov 5, 2020 New feature all users

Development Information (branches, commits, and pull requests) are now visible in:

This information is visible in the native Jira Cloud development information area + the Git Integration glance where you can view branches, commits, pull requests and tags.  You can create branches and pull requests all from the above applications.

Mobile apps

Jira iOS/Android app: View development information

Jira iOS/Android app: Branches detail

Jira iOS/Android app: Commits detail

Jira iOS/Android app: Pull / merge requests detail

Jira iOS/Android app: Git Integration “glance” view

Jira iOS/Android app: Glance: Create branch

Jira iOS/Android app: Glance: Create branch



MacOS app

Jira MacOS app: Issue sidebar

Jira MacOS app: Branches detail

Jira MacOS app: Commits detail

Jira MacOS app: Pull / merge requests detail

Jira MacOS app: Git Integration: “glance” view

Jira MacOS app: Git Integration: Glance: Create branch

Jira MacOS app: Git Integration: Glance: Create pull request



Default repository for projects

Sep 5, 2020 New feature all users

Developers will often work in a single repository in a given Jira project. Each Jira user can now set their own default repository for a Jira project.


Default repository selection for Jira projects is available in the Create branch and Create pull / merge request features of the app.

All default selections can be reviewed and updated in User Settings:


Pagination for Repository Browser screen

Jun 6, 2020 New feature all users

All Jira users with the View development tools permission have access to the Repository browser screen (formerly View all repositories) in Jira Cloud. We have added pagination to this screen to better support large numbers of repositories and the ability to filter the list by search term.

Note: Permissions to specific repositories can be limited using Project Permissions (see Permissions for more information).

Webhook Log Viewer

May 2, 2020 New feature Admins

The Webhooks page now includes logs of inbound webhooks sent to the Git Integration for Jira Cloud app. Status, reindex status, type, and related repository are shown in the table to assist Jira administrators in troubleshooting and identifying which webhooks are triggered for reindexing.

Webhook logs are retained for 7 days.

Feb 28, 2020 NEW feature all users

When a Jira user creates a pull request or merge request (GitLab) using the Git Integration for Jira app (Create pull / merge request), a link to the Jira issue is included in the pull request / merge request description.







Azure DevOps

AWS Code Commit

Azure DevOps

AWS Code Commit

Show integration type + org/owner name + repo name in lists of repositories

Feb 5, 2020 New feature ALL Users

Integration type icons and org/group names have been added to user facing repository selectors to help distinguish between similarly named repositories across different git servers and orgs/groups.

Display name for integrations and repositories

Feb 2, 2020 Improvement admins

Jira administrators can now edit the names of integrations and repositories that are shown in Jira Cloud.


Tip: Use the Display Name feature to record information about the git server account.