Allow list (whitelist) BigBrassBand Cloud

The information on this page is for BigBrassBand Atlassian Cloud products only. These currently include Git Integration for Jira Cloud and Dev Info for Jira Cloud.

Jira Server and Jira Data Center products are not hosted by BigBrassBand.

If using restrictive firewall or proxy server settings, you or your network admin will need to allow (allow list / whitelist) a specific IP address to ensure BigBrassBand Cloud applications work as expected. Specifically – if your team hosts a private git server (GitHub Enterprise, GitLab CE/EE, Microsoft TFS or Azure DevOps Server, Gerrit, Bitbucket Server, or a plain git server).

Alternatively, you can use our Webhook indexing feature to avoid incoming API requests.

Allow list IP address for self-hosted git repositories

To allow self-hosted git repositories to be indexed by BigBrassBand Cloud applications - allow list:

IP address

IP address


To allow self-hosted git repositories to be indexed by BigBrassBand Cloud applications - the following port(s) may be necessary to be open:









Common case



Very uncommon



Only if using SSH keys for authentication to repositories

Only open the ports required by your git server.

For example: If your self-managed GitLab or GitHub Enterprise is using HTTPS, only open port 443.

Allow list IP address for, Azure DevOps Repos, and, Azure DevOps Repos, and have enterprise level features allowing for allow listing and require a different set of IP addresses for allow listing:

IP addresses

IP addresses

If you use these IP addresses for allow listing - we ask that you contact us at so we can notify you if these IP addresses are ever changed.

Reachable network address

To allow self-hosted git servers, the git server must be reachable with a public address/IP by the indexing service.

If your git server is simply behind a firewall, whitelist the IP address of the indexing service (see Whitelist IP address).

If your git server is only reachable on a private intranet or through a virtual private network (VPN), the Git Integration for Jira indexing service will not be able to reach your git server, even if you whitelist our IP. See Webhooks indexing integration section below.


Examples: - a hosted git repository added directly - a git server running GitHub/Gitlab/etc - a server running on a non-standard port - server without DNS, just an IP

git.corp (private network)

Webhooks indexing integration for private networks

Webhook indexing integration supports indexing of commits and pull requests using webhook metadata. This allows the git server to remain in a private network while sending sufficient git metadata for association with Jira issues. There are some feature limitations -- such as viewing source code (Jira issue ➜ Git Commits tab ➜ View full commit) and branches and pull/merge requests creation inside Jira are not available.

For more information on this feature, see the following articles:

BigBrassBand Cloud apps

Git Integration for Jira Cloud

Dev Info for Jira Cloud


If you need additional support connecting your self-hosted git servers or repositories - please contact BigBrassBand Support.