This documentation guide covers v4.3 features. For more information on released features, see Release notes.

Starting Git Integration for Jira v4.0, support for Jira 7.x.x is dropped.


Welcome to the Git Integration for Jira app documentation.

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Learn the basic requirements to install the app.

See also App platform and system permission requirements.


Learn how to install the Git Integration for Jira app. The app supports UPM for automatic installation, manual installation or install via upload.

Managing license key

Learn how to install your trial or purchased license keys for Git Integration for Jira app.

Getting started for Git administrators

Learn configuration and troubleshooting information for Jira and Git administrators.

Working with SSH keys

Learn how to integrate git repositories using SSH keys via Git Integration for Jira app.

Git URL ports

Learn how to configure the firewall to allow access using the URL schemes for git repositories.

Setting up repositories

Connect and integrate git hosts automatically or create custom connections using Advanced setup via the Connect Wizard.

Bulk change

This feature allows importing and exporting git repository configuration in Jira.

Commit email notifications

Learn how to configure commit email notifications - permissions, settings, watching and user profile settings.

General settings

The General Settings page contains configuration options such as tweaking performance, toggle view options, and etc.

Web linking

Configuring this feature is optional. However, setting up web linking will give the commits added links to your git host pages in the Issue > Git Commits tab.

Disabling Source and Commits tabs

This page contains information about disabling Source and Commits tabs in Jira.

Linking Git commits to Jira issues

This page describes how to associate your commits to Jira issues.

Smart commits

Learn how to use smart commits to transition Jira issues. See workflow setting and permission requirements to get started.

Repository Browser

View repository file and folder structure, compare branches or watch connected repos from within Jira.

Viewing commit code diffs

This page contains information on how to view commit code diffs inside Jira.

Git user identity

See information about git user identity.

Jira user information card

Learn how to see the Jira user information card.

Jira issue page

This page contains information about new tabs that are added to the Jira issue pages and what they do.

Jira project page

The Git Commits tab is added to the Jira project page. See more information about this feature.

Jira Git integration development panel

The git links are added to the developer panel; create branches and pull/merge requests via the Jira issue page, etc.

Git tags

See git tags support information and how to work with them.


Learn more about reindex, REST API, configuration and performance tuning.

JQL searching

Learn how to use JQL and git context via the Jira search.

Integration webhooks

This page contains information on how to configure webhooks with Git Integration for Jira app and specific git hosts.

Jira Data Center (High availability and clustering)

See information about Jira Data Center support.

Localization support

View localization support for Git Integration for Jira app.

Glossary and terms

Documentation terms or glossary.

Licensing notice

Legal information about license and copyright notice.