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(blue star) Let us assist you with your migration to Jira Cloud!

Use this page as a resource to get all the information you need to start your migration. If you need additional support or one-on-one assistance, we'll be glad to help. Contact us at BigBrassBand Support.

(blue star) Important Notes


Evaluating a move to Jira Cloud? Learn more about the similarities and differences: Feature comparison: Git Integration Server/Data Center vs Jira Cloud.

Currently, there are no automatic steps to migrate from Jira Server + Data Center to Jira Cloud. We will evaluate Atlassian’s self-managed Jira to Jira Cloud migration tool when it is released later in 2020.

Licensing: We’re happy to assist our customers migrate to Jira Cloud from Jira Server or Jira Data Center. To alleviate any concerns about paying for "double licensing" during your transition we will provide discount codes so you will only have to pay for one platform (either Cloud or Server/Data Center). We’ll do this by verifying your active license on one platform and we’ll provide a promotion code for the license on the other.

Associations from Git data: Indexing Jira issues via commit messages is the same in Jira Server + Data Center as Jira Cloud. All the associations will be preserved.

Manual commit associations: At this time, manual commit <--> Jira issue associations cannot be migrated automatically but request BigBrassBand Support for instructions on how to check.


Self-hosted Git servers: When connecting a self-hosted git server to Git Integration for Jira Cloud the git server must have a publicly addressable + route-able address., Azure DevOps, and other services hosted on the “public cloud” work without any administrator interventions.

For more information, see: Whitelist Allowlist (whitelist) BigBrassBand Cloud


Known Atlassian issue: We highly recommend testing your Jira migration to the Cloud on a test Jira Cloud site. AC-1528 is a bug in Atlassian Jira Cloud that breaks all Jira Cloud Atlassian Marketplace apps when a new project import is made. When migrating your users to Jira Cloud – we recommend installing and configuring the Git Integration for Jira Cloud app after all of your Jira users/projects/issues data is imported and verified.

(blue star) Steps to migrate

Currently there are not automatic steps to migrate from Jira Server + Data Center to Jira Cloud.